Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been away from Bluefields for nearly two weeks. I went to the Corn Islands in the Caribbean waters off the coast. That was really an amazing experience and ready to go back. Just when I thought things could not get any slower, I found a place that's so chilled out, it's unbelievable! You can be stone-cold sober and the vibe infects you with a sort of laughy, silly, tingly, perma-grin that's makes you wonder.....was there something in those brownies :) The music is so sik, I can't get enough. You sit on the sun bleached pier, dangling your feet into warm, clear-turquoise waters and seemingly forget anything else in the world, as you watch the sunset. The only thing that was missing was someone of greater importance to share it with, ya know. I was with some good friends, but could help but wish mi amigos de Arkasas were there. The return ship, Captain D, decided to return a day early, so my trip got cut short and had to abruptly board a three-tier steamer bound for the main-land somewhere around midnight. That in itself was an interesting experience. I had my handy hamaca with me and found a spot off the center of the ship on the upper level. Once we got moviin, i realized my spot wasn't so safe and noticed the ship's sway would slightly swig me back and forth over the ship rail. By then there were no options to relocate and I worried about my fate for the next hour or so then finally dozed off until day-break. As soon as I reached the moyea, I purchased un boleta de panga a la Costa de Pacifico. I had just enough time to go home and re-pack my backpack and catch the 400hp river speed-boat bound for El Rama, where I hopped a glorified chicken-bus to take me to the Capital city of Managua. Average travel time for that stretch is 9 hours if you're lucky and lucky I was. I reached Managua in time to make a detour to Metro Centro, for Quiznos of course and then some chilled coffee concoction with a piece of tera masou to aide in digestions. If only I wasn't lugging around a 50lb backpack and had more than 3 hours of sleep the night before. Anyway, I taxied to the bus terminal and got a bus to my old stomping grounds in Carazo. I was trying to make it all the way to the opposite coast, but sometimes you have to drop out of the marathon. I got to kick it with the Ave Maria students and Gary for the night, then back on the road to the surfer's dream, they call San Juan del Sur. I was there for a biosand workshop for the whole week. I had been to SJDS before and was ready to leave after only a day. There are mucho gringos intent on exploiting the locals and spoil it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My internet connection is hit or miss and my laptop screen is on the fritz, so I will be posting from cyber centers(dial-up) and whenever I can get my screen to cooperate. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yummy Pancakes para desayunos!

We're back at Lazybones hostal & I'm scarfing down some sweet, fluffy, and ever so crsipy pancakes. This is something that I find generally tastier here. Maybe they use a different flour and definitely more butter/oil. Either way, I'm absoulutely thrilled to have them with a fresh fruit salad of pinapple, watermelon, cantelope, and papaya. All for $50 cordobas (roughly US$1.50).

The beach was amazing, duh! The wave breaks were insane at times & a little frightening! We rented a boogie, but the waves were a bit too trecherous for me. Gary got mashed & might be feeling it tomorrow.

All the hostal on the beach were full or the price was too high, so we decided to catch a taxi back to the city about sunset. Wish we could've watched that burning spear set behind the waves, but that may have been the last taxi back, so didn't want to take our chances. Sleeping on the beach is not safe or very healthy.

Our premature return gave us time to explore Leon some more. It's over-cast skies today, so not as hot as usual. Hoping to get some pool time in, plus there's free internet and intl' calls! Yippee!

Leon 6/21

Sitting on the bus, waiting for it to roll forward into fresher, saltier air. Leon is quiet possibly the hottest place I've been. Lots of beautiful churches, archetecture, and the people are friendly.

Stayed at a quiet hostal last night (hostal lazybones), had some decent pizza and watched the new M. Night Shaymalon flick- The Happening. A thought-provoking movie about nature's war-tactics.

There's a hostal at Poneloya that's right on the beach for cheap with a bar/resturant. Don't feel like drinking, but always like to have options.

Hoping to see more of Leon in the daylight, so maybe on the way back we'll spend some time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Okay, I've been in Central America for 6 days now and haven't posted a thing!

I am now in San Marcos, Nicaragua. I flew into San Jose, Costa Rica on the 11th and spent a few days at a hostel there. I was a little worried, traveling sola with all that luggage (2-50lb bags, 40lb backpack & laptop), but I made it here, no problems. I had an 8 hr bus ride from CR to NI, but it went quickly. It was a nicer bus line (Tica) with AC, movies, and coffee!

I met a surprisingly intelligent and nice surfer from Britain, who we will meet up with once we get to the beach. I can't wait to learn how to surf! I need some action in the water, since I'm missing out on all that whitewater back home.

Border check was a bitch, but had some help with my bags, so not too bad. Made it to Jinotepe and had to get off. Got a taxi to San Marcos (6km) for only 40 cordobas ($2). A good price with all those bags, and we didn't pick up anyone else on the way.

I got to the San Marcos house, where I met Gary to unload my things and headed to Cafe Negro for dinner. The last time I was at Cafe Negro, there was a huge bar fight and I had to hide out, but they have delicious food, so that's not gonna keep me away! This time the food was not as tasty as i remember, maybe next time.

We're just gonna lay-low at the house tonight and relax. It's been non-stop since I arrived and in need of some down-time.